Bianca Haux Naturopath

Treatment and Methods

In my practice I apply an integrated method of treatment, which includes Bioresonance (with the bioresonance machine from Regumed), Homeopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition involving the psyche, with all its aspects.

This approach allows the treatment of acute and chronic, simple to very complex diseases.

All chronic infections as well as cancer in all stages and other severe diseases from environmenal poisons need a fundamental terrain support and cleansing. This can be achieved by a dietary change. The right nutrition can provide the body with all the needed minerals and vitamins and secondary plant substances, the right fatty acids enhance cellular respiration, and dietary fibre cleanses toxins out through the gatrointestinal tract.

The Bioresonance allows the practitioner to identify and treat the different types of burdens, such as toxic heavy metal, bacterias, parasities, viruses, fungi and chemical substances such as pesticites or fungicides. Bioresonace also supports weakened or blocked organs, and it can balance them and bring them back to healthy function.

How is this done in the bioresonance consult?

The patient holds two electrodes in his hands, or respectively has his hands or feet on flat electrodes. The frequencies are sent into the body and the resonance can be tested with any biofeedback method, like measuring the skin resistence in an accupunture point (according to TCM, Traditional Chinese Medicine), or kinesiological muscle testing or with a Biotensor.

Crucial in treating complex difficuilt cases which very often originate from emotional traumas, including fears, phobias and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In these cases Psychokinesiology (Dr Klinghardt) or a meditation technique are very helpful.They allow the practitioner to reach the subconscious mind and support the patient in his/her struggle for inner balance and freedom, so that the applied treatment is more effective, faster, less appointments are necessary and healing is possible.

Homeopathic remedies help and support at all stages of the therapy.

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