Dr Heather Guy

Dr Nadine Von Enckevort

Dr Clara Pishief

Dr Connlaodh Curry

Dr Yuki Stevenson

General Practice

We are at 2 Dip Road, Kamo, Whangarei

Our aim is to work alongside each individual patient to achieve their best possible health and well-being outcomes.

We have a great team of skilled and experienced staff working in a well-equipped, caring and friendly environment.


Consultations are by appointment although urgent problems can be seen as needed. Each appointment is normally for 15 minutes. If you think you need more time please book a longer appointment.

We appreciate a phone call if you are going to be late or need to change the time. If appointments are not kept without letting us know in reasonable time to re-book them, a fee may be charged.

It is very helpful if you can say whether your appointment is a particular need such as ACC, driver’s medical, cervical smear, new baby 6wk check, etc. so you can be fitted in appropriately. If you think you may need more time please ask for a longer appointment.


Enrolled/Registered patients:
During normal working hours per 15 minute appointment:
0-13 yrsFree
14-17 yrs$30
>17 yrs$45 (30 min $90)
Non-enrolled (casual) patients: 
>17 yrs$80 (15 min)

Fees CSC

Enrolled/Registered patient with CSCs:
0-13 yrsFree
14-17 yrs$13
>17 yrs$19.50
NB: All prices are subject to change without prior notice

Flu season 2024

If you have cold or flu like symptoms please inform the receptionist when making an appointment.

When you arrive at the clinic please phone reception from your car (if possible) and the nurse or doctor will see you.

Flu/covid checklist: fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose, difficulty breathing.

Our phones operate from 9am-4pm.
If you need medical advice over the phone please ring Healthline on 0800611116.
To see a doctor outside clinic hours please go to Whitecross or the Emergency Department at the hospital.

Patients can start booking their flu vaccinations after 1 April.

Fees can vary depending on procedures required, additional time for consultation, insurance reports or minor surgery.

Prescriptions: $20 (if not part of a consultation). Non-urgent. $25 Urgent/same day/multiple items.

Cervical Smears: with the nurse $30  /  with the doctor $25 + consult fee

Nurse Consults: Prices vary depending on procedure or treatment.

Vitamin C Infusion (IVC): $190

Other IV Infusions: Iron, aclasta, hydration, antibiotics. 



Kelly, Amber, Judith and Kim are available for:

  • Lab forms as requested by your doctor
  • Repeat Prescriptions
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Immunisations
  • Cervical Smears
  • Dressings and wound care
  • ECG’s
  • Health  screening and advice, eg, diabetes, cardiovascular
  • Smoking cessation advice and follow up
  • Throat swabs
  • B12 injections
  • Lifestyle and nutrition
  • Kia Ora Vision for long term conditions
  • IV Treatments


Kymm our practice manager deals with enquiries regarding accounts and the overall running of the practice.

Our front desk receptionists Jane, Michelle and Karen  answer your calls and deal with enquiries regarding registration and appointments.