The practice has achieved the Cornerstone & Foundation National Certification of Excellence in General Practice.

General practice

We offer a comprehensive general practice service.

Our aim is to work alongside each individual patient to achieve their best possible health and well-being outcomes.

We have a great team of skilled and experienced staff working in a well-equipped, caring and friendly environment.

We also provide specialist services in Integrative Medicine and Intravenous Therapies.


Consultations are by appointment although urgent problems can be seen as needed. Each appointment is normally for 15 – 30  minutes. We appreciate a phone call if you are going to be late or need to change the time. If appointments are not kept without letting us know in reasonable time to re-book them, a fee may be charged.

It is very helpful if you can say whether your appointment is a particular need such as ACC, driver’s medical, cervical smear, complementary/integrative medicine, new baby 6wk check, etc. so they can be fitted in appropriately. If you think you may need more time please ask for a longer appointment.


Enrolled/Registered patients:
During normal working hours per 15 minute appointment:
0-13 yrsFree
14-17 yrs$26
>17 yrs$41 (30 min $82)
Non-enrolled (casual) patients: 
>17 yrs$80 (15 min)

Fees CSC

Enrolled/Registered patient with CSCs:
0-13 yrsFree
14-17 yrs$13
>17 yrs$19.50
NB: All prices are subject to change without prior notice

Fees can vary depending on procedures required, additional time for consultation, insurance reports or minor surgery.

Prescriptions: There are fees for prescriptions (if not part of a consultation).   

Non-urgent prescriptions are $20

Cervical Smears: with the nurse $30  /  with the doctor $25 + consult fee

Nurse Consults: Prices vary depending on procedure or treatment.

Complex Consultations: 

Complex/cancer new patient consults can take 1-2 hrs including  diagnosis, treatment plan, appropriate tests, referrals, and notes forwarded to your own doctor. The usual cost is $345 but please confirm at time of booking.

Intravenous Therapies

  • Intravenous Vitamin C
    IVC is available at NEHC for both registered and casual  patients.
    It may help with fatigue, recurrent infection, viral illnesses like flu, glandular fever and meningitis, wounds, cancer and pre/post operatively for surgery or dental amalgam removal.
    For more information on its uses please read the information provided under information & articles tab. You may also like to have a chat to the nurse. 
    All you will need is a 30min consultation with a doctor to check your veins and medical history and a blood test for kidney function.
    The cost for a standard 25g vitamin C infusion is $150.
  • IV Metal Detoxification (chelation therapy)
    Metal detoxification including EDTA chelation therapy is available to help with vascular and coronary artery diseases, heart conditions, diabetes complications (especially circulation) and chronic heavy metal poisoning such as with lead and mercury. Please speak with a nurse or Dr Wojcik if you are wanting to discuss having chelation therapy. Each infusion costs $140.

Vitamin B-complex / and iron infusions are also available.

Bio-identical Hormone Treatment

Our doctors prescribe bio-identical hormones for thyroid, menopause, sleep, adrenal fatigue and other conditions. The hormones are supplied by Compound Labs (previously Pharmaceutical Compounding NZ) who tailor make prescriptions to suit each individual.

Hair Tests and Urine Provocation Tests

These are useful tools in measuring the minerals in your body some of which are necessary for good health such as magnesium and calcium and some of which are very toxic such as mercury and lead.



  • Lab forms as requested by your doctor
  • Repeat Prescriptions
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Immunisations
  • Cervical Smears
  • Dressings and wound care
  • ECG’s
  • Health  screening and advice, eg, diabetes, cardiovascular
  • Smoking cessation advice and follow up
  • Throat swabs
  • Intravenous infusions
  • Lifestyle and nutrition
  • Kia Ora Vision for long term conditions


Kymm is practice manager and deals with any enquiries regarding accounts and overall running of the practice.

Sheryl & Karen, our main receptionists, answer your calls and deal with enquiries regarding registration and specialist appointments.


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